Have Kids; will travel

My husband is probably the best travelled person I know. He travels courageously. He researches routes, points of interest, availability of tickets online so that you can skip long lines. He’s kind of the best. He does quite a bit of legwork when we travel on the Where and the How.

When we had our first born, he adjusted his research scope to include restaurants that would best placate a small child and children’s museums and attractions. I hope to share our experiences with others who travel or are interested in specific locations domestically or internationally.

What’s MY role you might ask? I pack for tiny, opinionated people including shoes and backpacks and toys. Sometimes I strenuously vet my choices; other times I buy something cute and hope for the best.  Sometimes I pack so much for them that I neglect to pack socks for myself. These things happen.


As for experiences, I’ve forgotten shoes on a plane and had to have United Airlines representation search a closed plane to recover them. I’ve bought strollers in foreign countries when my arms just could NOT hold a 15 pound kid for one more minute. Along the way, we’ve had a lot of fun and a lot of situations that we can finally laugh about way after the fact.

So, enjoy our stories and observations and please feel free to email me with your questions or comments! I’d love to hear about your adventures too!


So you decided to start a blog…

There are a LOT of blogs in the universe. I get it. I read quite a few of them and depend on them like I do my morning coffee for insight and wit available at my fingertips. Blogs matter. At least they do to me.

Because we travel frequently and bring our children with us, I get many questions from my own friends regarding what to pack, rent or buy abroad. I have tips and experiences that might be valuable to you on a future trip. I have cute children who are semi-patient in front of a camera. In many cases they illustrate what NOT to do or the very specific tipping point when plans are not going, well, to plan.


What 8 hour flight?

So I hope that you enjoy the blog! Please send any questions or comments my way so I can provide the content that interests you the most!

Thanks and much love,