The shoes you choose


As a parent, you slowly give up on the expectation that you can travel light. From diaper bags to backpacks full of stickers and crayons, you know that you now travel in full diva mode: Everything plus shoes.

So here’s my quick guide to traveling with the correct footwear.

  1. Boots
  2. Walking shoes
  3. Beachwear


When Olivia was 2, we traveled to Lisboa and Porto. It rained the entire trip and our two year old completely soaked trough her shoes the first day while jumping in puddles. As a parent on vacation, we say embrace the puddles. We went out that afternoon and bought he a pair of shiny red GEOX boots and didn’t look back.

Boots are a must have for trips. No matter where you travel, there will be an element of inclement weather. As soon as you embrace boots, you’re ready to enjoy your vacation anywhere free of worry. For a trip to Scotland last May, we bought BOGS boots for the girls. They each got to pick colors that they liked and we didn’t worry about wet feet after walking Hadrian’s wall.

Walking Shoes

We tend to mix our itineraries between day trips and urban settings. As Americans, we usually purchase Stride Rite lite-up shoes. I love the quality of the shoes and the moment you’re abroad, your child is the ONLY one in light up shoes. We’ve had local parents remark on the girls shoes in Italy and Austria with delight. And in countries where you stroll at night after dark, I can always see my little ones without hovering too closely.

They are currently VERY into red Mickey Mouse high tops from the GAP x DISNEY collection. I don’t know that I trust them for all day hikes, but they’ve worn them all day over Winter break and the feedback is great.


Even when we travel to cooler locations, we usually stay in at least one hotel with a pool. I recommend throwing a pair of flip flops into the bag just in case. They’re lightweight and lie flat on the bottom or side of a suitcase with minimal disruption to the rest of your gear. You can buy cute pairs of flip flops online at GAPKIDS , or wait until you go someplace warm and pick up a pair locally. Either way, you can enjoy the pool with the kids without worrying about the floors in the hallways or locker rooms.

And my last advice is to wear your walking shoes on the pane home and pack any fragile souvenirs in your boots! Enjoy!


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