Roadtripping: Oxford MS

This week, eyes are on America as we conduct another Presidential Inauguration.

But how much of the United States have you really seen? Most people haven’t visited all 50 states and even if they do travel regularly, they bypass some of the neat college towns and small cities that make America the diverse, wonderful place that it is today.

We sought to remedy this issue last year when we decided to road trip from Chicago down through Houston, TX. Highlighted here is our first southern college towns: Oxford, MS.

I went to a small college and Mike went to University of Michigan. We never really got the whole tailgating, weekend football experience in the way that fans of Southern Superstars like Alabama, Florida State or Tennessee experience it. So last Thanksgiving, we packed everyone in a minivan from Enterprise Rent-a-car and set out for BBQ, football and family bonding time.

Two days in, we arrived at Oxford, MS (with a pitstop in Nashville, TN) in time for a huge football game and tailgating experience. We stayed at the Graduate Hotel in Oxford. In all honesty, we chose The Graduate because of its amazing pink interiors. Pink carpeting, pink lobby, Pink stained wood floors. It was a Travel Kids paradise. It was also within walking distance of the campus, downtown Oxford and a really neat, kitchy place.

The fans of Ole’ Miss are amazing. The families were friendly and happy to chat about the college, their football team and Mississippi in general. The food on the square is a Southern Delight – try eating at Ajax or City Grocery for a good meal with children. The tables are nicely set, but they will remove glassware and are very family friendly.

Beyond football, the town square is delightful. Holiday decorations were already up in late November and the shops on the square were full of cute outfits, fun trinkets and Ole Miss paraphenalia.

If your current football affiliation doesn’t prevent you from visiting Oxford, you should swing by. I just found out that a college friend is moving there and I will unabashedly stop by at the first opportunity!



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