The Magic of Storytelling

What’s your favorite story? As an adult, you may not have one. But if you ask any kid what their favorite story is, their eyes light up and they give you the longest, most detailed summary that you’ve ever heard. Sometimes there is singing involved. Sometimes, there are different voices for various characters. This is the magic of storytelling.

Although, hopefully, the magic of storytelling doesn’t end with childhood. Reading lets us travel through different times in history when you read Homer’s Odyssey. Reading provides different perspectives and allows us to experience life through the eyes of another person like in “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. Sometimes reading allows us to process the world we live in through stories that seem farfetched and unrealistic until you catch yourself quoting phrases like, “Constant vigilance!” from the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling or wondering if Chicago is the next district 13 as described in The Hunger Games series. Books travel with you overseas or at school when you reach for a tattered copy of Kitchen Confidential and it’s as though an old friend suddenly appeared.


On February 4th, people around the world are celebrating the #magicofstorytelling by reading books to their children. Online, people are posting #shelfies, which are pictures of your bookshelf to promote reading at home. And the Walt Disney company has a drawing to win a library of hundreds of books for your child’s school and dozens for your home library. Please sign up here for a free entry, and show us your shelfie on twitter or Instagram by tagging @travelkids2 because I would love to see your favorite reads!



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