Iceland: Touring the great unknown

When you think of vacation destinations, do you imagine endless stretches of beach? Great skiing? Beautiful nature trails with waterfalls? Did you realize that you were thinking about Iceland?

You can get direct flights from most major hubs and we had a toddler. Direct flights were our only criteria for vacationing abroad.  We set out for the land of Vikings and ice and we found a beautiful and diverse country.

The black beaches are made of smoothed lava rock. And although the sea was cold, we ended up taking off our coats and stretching out in the sunshine for a while.

The juxtaposition of thermal geysirs shooting up warm water, the steaming thermal jets and icy  Glaciers jutting through the hills was marvelous to experience first hand. We even went to a restaurant that cooked using the natural steam.

We didn’t get to experience the Northern lights, so Olivia wants us to go back with specific tours to see the wintery phenomenon. So, who knew that this journey would be the beginning of a lifelong love of puffins, glaciers and geological wonders?

Aren’t you dying to experience Iceland?


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