Our new happy place

For about a month straight, my husband would ask me, “Where would you like to go this weekend?” and I would tell him, “The Candy Store.” He would roll his eyes. Or he would say “I’m not driving downtown to buy candy. Or he would just not answer me as though it was not a serious response worth considering.

But THIS weekend, we head two full days downtown for other commitments AND a few hours to time to kill between events. There was no reason not to take our first trip to Dylan’s Candy Bar in Chicago!


Now, before you roll your eyes and think to yourself, “That is a ridiculous place for adults to go,” I want you to think about the types of places that you visit when you’re on vacation. Maybe you hit a really cool bookstore. Maybe you stand in line for molten chocolate and churros. And maybe you go visit a really neat shop that stocks candy from all over the world, serves its own branded candy from a candy bar and has an attached café that serves amazing, over the top fizzy concoctions that you would only dream about as a kid. Wouldn’t that be exactly the type of place that you would go on vacation?!



When we arrived, a greeter handed us lemonade flavored lollipops, just for visiting. It gave my kids something to do as we considered the Care Bear candy collection. We were maintaining our cool until we hit the Bulk candy area, where you could pick whatever candy you like and pack it into a variety of excellent rainbow colored containers. If you looked up, you noticed the candy collection being monitored by giant rainbow gummi bears.

So much more than a candy store, Dylan’s Candy Bar promotes a colorful candy lifestyle. There’s candy jewelry, jewelry with candy charms, a whole Unicorn kiosk and Candy pillows, journals and more. It’s making me re-think my less colorful choices in life.

After the kids had hit their patience limit, we checked out and sat at the café for a more immediate gratification. The menu covers desserts, smoothies and drinks. I actually think there is food served too, but I didn’t see anybody eating food. All I saw was this. And this and this:

When the time came to head out, we were all smiles and satisfaction with the little ones chattering about their “Amazing cool drinks” and my husband thinking that maybe this is a place where we stop for adult beverages next time we’re in the city without the kids. It’s truly a place where everyone has a great time and unleashed the kid at heart!



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