I’m Mica, Mexican mother of two multi-cultural, bi-lingual children. My husband and I traveled extensively prior to having children. We thought, “how difficult could it be to bring a small baby with us to Barcelona?”  Most of my friends are professional working mothers who travel, enjoy great meals (especially ones that they don’t have to cook!) and are travelling with their young children. This blog is my gift to them and to you.

Over the past five years and we have traveled to mountain, cities and beaches on 4 continents and Micronesia. We’re always planning new trips and have great recommendations on gear, timing and, most importantly, setting your expectations so that your family can have a great trip anywhere.

All pictures on this site were taken by me unless explicitly credited. I share links to sites that we have personally used so that I can speak to the service. All opinions expressed are my own, even if my family wishes that I had kept them to myself!

Enjoy and please reach out at anytime here or on Facebook/Travelkids2Facebook/Travelkids2 or Instagram @travelkids2